Support and Training.

Eaton Education Consultancy / Support and Training

Helen can offer you bespoke training tailored to meet the needs of your school, staff, pupils and parents. They can be delivered over a series of staff meetings, workshops or twilights held at your school or a suitable local venue*.

*NOTE DUE TO COVID-19 ALL courses and training are postponed.

Here is a list of what’s available at the moment.

School support Helen offers:

Mathematics Staff Meetings / Training / Twilights

  • Teaching the Multiplication Times Tables #MTC
  • Helping Early Years Children to become Mathematicians through Play
  • Presentations and workshops for parents on the Multiplication Times Tables
  • Presentations and workshops for parents on helping their Early Years children learn Mathematics through play

Teaching Assistant Support

  • How to provide effective support for mathematics in the classroom
  • Effective mathematics interventions, including the use of models and images
  • The use of interactive whiteboards (Smart notebook) to support teaching and learning

Phonics Staff Meetings / Training / Twilights

  • Phonics and preparing for the year one phonics screening
  • Presentations and workshops for parents on phonics
  • 2 hour Twilight for teachers and teaching assistants: ‘Systematic Synthetic Phonics – Explained’

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