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Mathematics resources.


Mathematics NCETM and NRICH resources

NCETM Progression maps – Microsoft word ZIP

NCETM Progression maps – pdf ZIP

Mathematics glossary for teachers in Key Stages 1 to 3

NRICH problems linked to the mathematics curriculum ZIP


Mathematics Programmes of Study

PoS for Mathematics – Word ZIP

PoS for Mathematics – pdf ZIP


Mathematics – Problem solving and reasoning

Finding all possibilities  PNS 2010

Logic Problems and Puzzles  PNS 2010

Finding rules and describing patterns  PNS 2010

Reasoning questions in speech bubbles -_1x A4

Reasoning questions in speech bubbles – large

Reasoning Vocabulary – in large strips

Always Sometimes Never True – headings

Always Sometimes Never true – NCETM


Mathematics – Numbers and Patterns: laying foundations in mathematics, PNS 2009 -

Numbers and Patterns – focuses on number, particularly counting, and the students’ developing understanding of the patterns that underpin early work.


Mathematics –  Mental maths documents

Teaching mental calculation strategies KS1 and KS2   1999 – offers guidance to teachers on teaching effective mental strategies for calculation.

Mental Calculation Strategies level 5 QCA 2004

Teaching children to calculate mentally   2010 – lists the number facts that children are expected to recall rapidly and suggests a range of suitable classroom activities.


Mathematics - Mathematical Challenges for able pupils, DfEE, 2000 This booklet provides 98 pages of puzzles and problems for Key Stages 1 and 2. The activities are intended to challenge pupils and extend their thinking. Some of the puzzles and problems may be solved quickly, however others will need perseverance and may take longer than a single lesson.

Mathematical challenges for able pupils – DfEE 2000

PowerPoint versions of Mathematical challenges for able pupils by the DfEE


Mathematics – Levelopaedia, Gloucestershire Mathematics Advisory Team – The Levelopaedias provide exemplifications and probing questions for each of the ‘assessment criteria’ for every National Curriculum level.

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 1

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 2

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 3

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 4

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 5

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 6

Mathematics Levelopaedia Level 1 to 8 – Gloucester ZIP






Mathematics – Securing Levels in Mathematics booklets, PNS 2010 -  Each booklet addresses six key areas of learning in mathematics that children must secure to attain that in that specific level. There are five booklets in total:

Securing Level 1

Securing Level 2

Securing Level 3

Securing Level 4

Securing Level 5

Securing Level 1 to 5 booklets – PNS 2010 ZIP  


Mathematics –  Models and images posters, PNS 2009These posters exemplify key models and images which can be used to support the teaching of mental calculation strategies.

Models and images for ordering numbers to 100

Models and images for partitioning and recombining

Models and images for understanding addition and subtraction

Models and images for understanding multiplication and division

Models and images for counting on and back in ones and tens

Models and images for addition and subtraction facts to 20

Models and images - PNS 2009 ZIP


Mathematics – Overcoming Barriers documents, PNS 2009 – These documents provide information to assist you in helping children overcome barriers in mathematics. These resources will support teachers to progress children through different mathematics topics.

Overcoming barriers L1 to L2

Overcoming barriers L2 to L3

Overcoming barriers L3 to L4

Overcoming barriers L4 to L5

Overcoming Barriers booklets L1 to 5 – PNS 2009  ZIP


Mathematics – Pitch and Expectations Documents, PNS 2006 – These documents provide sets of questions to help identify pitch and expectations (pre new 2014 mathematics curriculum) and to help with assessment as children progress from the Foundation Stage through to Year 7. Teachers should be mindful of the changes in coverage and pitch in the new curriculum. Most of these questions have been reproduced by permission of the QCA.

Pitch and expectations FS

Pitch and expectations Y1

Pitch and expectations Y2

Pitch and expectations Y3

Pitch and expectations Y4

Pitch and expectations Y5

Pitch and expectations Y6

Pitch and expectations Y6/7

Pitch and Expectations FS to Y7 – PNS 2006  ZIP


Mathematics – Mathematical Vocabulary, PNS 2001 – These mathematical vocabulary booklets identify words and phrases that children need to understand and use if they are to make good progress in mathematics. Teachers need to be mindful these resources were produced pre the 2014 curriculum and should consider the coverage and pitch for some mathematics topics.

Mathematics Vocabulary – National Strategy 2001

Year 7 8 9 Vocabulary – National Strategy 2001

Click here for the latest NCETM Mathematics glossary for teachers in KS1 to 3

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